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Turn OFF your A/C and turn ON the world’s most energy efficient whole house fan.

Where does QuietCool save the most money?

Since the number one benefit of QuietCool whole house fans is SAVING MONEY on A/C related electricity costs, it makes sense that the more you use your air conditioning, the more money you will spend on electricity. Accordingly, it makes just as much sense that if you can reduce your use of A/C, you will reduce your overall cost of electricity.

qcs_AuthDealer-smlQuietcool fans are the most energy efficient whole house fans on the market allowing you to recapture the cost of your purchase quicker the any other “green energy” product you can buy. Customers can save up to 90% on there energy costs relating to there A/C usage while reducing the wear & tear on there equipment. The “Stealth & Trident” models are backed by a 15 year manufacturers warranty that leads the industry in whole house fans.

Quiet Cool Systems

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How Does a Whole House Fan Work?


Anytime it is cooler outside than the inside of a home, the QuietCool whole house fan system will work effectively. In the summer, this normally happens in the late afternoon to early evening and through to the next morning.

When the QuietCool whole house fan is turned on, the fan will pull the cooler outdoor air into your home, through your windows, across your living space, into the attic, and out the attic vents replacing the hot stale air. This helps cool the home and attic by up to 30 degrees, allowing it to stay much cooler the following day.

The cool breeze begins when a window or two is opened and the QuietCool fan is turned on. The cooler outside air will immediately begin to create a breeze inside the home making the homeowner feel up to 10 degrees cooler, instantly. This breeze will be carried through your home to each QuietCool whole house fan that is on and in use; thus beginning the cooling process.  At the same time, the cooler outdoor air will be brought into the attic and pushed through the attic vents causing the hot stale air in the attic to be exhausted.  Exhausting the hot air inside your attic will allow your home to stay cooler throughout the day.

If a QuietCool is installed in each bedroom, the homeowner can enjoy the breeze and privacy with your door closed.

Tech talk — an air conditioner cycles the hot “ambient air” within a home through a closed loop system (ducting) that removes the “heat” within the ambient air  which then returns as cooled air into the living space.

This cycling of hot-to-cooled air continues until the wall thermostat “senses” that the ambient air temperature has dropped to the “set point” — the temperature that the homeowner “sets” the A/C to go on and off — and the A/C unit turns itself off.

Reality talk — what happens next?  Usually within 10 minutes or so, the A/C unit cycles back on… and this cycling on and off continues … well, it continues sometimes all night long, especially in the hotter climate zones throughout the country.  The question is, “why?”

More tech talk — The key words above are “ambient air.”  An A/C unit merely removes heat from ambient air, but it doesn’t cool down “the house itself.”

The “house itself” is called “mass.”  “Mass” comprises all that is within the house that can retain “heat.”  We call this “thermal mass.”  The basic principle of “thermal mass dynamics” states that all mass retains heat.  The mass within a home includes the floors, wall, furniture, ceilings, curtains and carpets, and the more mass there is — and the more heat the mass is exposed to — the longer it takes the home to cool down!

As you can see illustrated in the graphic, the QuietCool system brings cool air into the home through selected open windows, and the hot air is pushed out of the attic vents giving you a complete air exchange every 3-4 minutes.

QuietCool can be used anytime the outside air temperature is lower than the inside temperature.

Realty talk — what do many people do when they come home after work and it’s really hot inside their home, but the outside temperature has nicely cooled down?  Instead of turning on their A/C, many people open up their windows and allow a nice cross breeze to enter their home, which not only feels good, but also cools the home down.

Tech talk — The “passive” cross breeze described above becomes an “active” breeze for QuietCool homeowners, and this is the key to thermal mass cooling.

Passive breezes within a home will eventually cool the ambient air to a comfortable level, but will not move enough air to cool the mass within the home. A QuietCool system will fully exchange the entire air volume of a home 15-20 times per hour, or about one full air exchange every 3 to 4 minutes. The “active” breeze that is created by a QuietCool system is how QuietCool “works.”

Mass “cooling” results because the QuietCool system is removing stale hot air and replacing it with fresh cool air; all this occurring at a high rate of speed and volume, 15-20 times per hour.

Therefore, instead of recycling hot, stale ambient air through a closed-loop air conditioning system, the QuietCool system is exchanging hot, stale ambient air with fresh, cool outside air, though an open-loop whole house ventilation system… and at a fraction of the cost of running an air conditioner.

A “cool mass” home does not reheat as much or as quickly as a “hot mass” home.  Within a day or two of installing a QuietCool system, homeowners are amazed when they come home after work… it was 90 – 100 ++ degrees outside, and they walk into a home that is… not 90 degrees, but maybe 72, 74 or 76 degrees.*

The reason is because the mass of the home has been cooled by the QuietCool system, and thus did not reheat as rapidly throughout the day as a typical home would.  The initial reaction from new QuietCool owners is one of amazement and is the reason why so many QuietCool sales are made through referrals.

QuietCool is truly a revolutionary product that allows people to save money by turning their A/C off and turing their QuietCool system on!


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